back again

well, i’ve been back to my hometown for 2 days.. just to cool off.. its was tiring.. travelling on bus.. not enuf sleeps.i missed my stop so then i had to drop at my uncle’s house instead of my grandma’s. i had to walk from the main road to reach the house.. while i was walking, there’s a guy came n say hi.. i felt suspicious, n lights a cigarette.. i just talk when he asked me whether i was afraid or not to walk in d dark.. hahaha… do i care? i got my knife in my pocket.. well.. try me then haha.. that guy just talk then soon he leave after i reach my uncle’s.. later then.. my cousin drive me to my grandma. there was a mad man yelling in the mosque.. he stood on the mimbar, n said awful things.. damn i felt so angry..since the mosque is just across the street,so i ran to the mosque wit my grandpa, n my grandpa asked him to leave. he stepped in the mosque wit the shoes on.. such a crazy idiot.. he stole a car.. a rammed all the way out from the mosque.. n tried to hit others. i wish i could hit him with my grandpa’s stick.. but my grandpa didnt allow me.. afternoon, my mom came to my grandma’s n took me back to Dungun.. bored to death.. hahaha.. luckily there was my younger brother’s guitar.. my lil bro was on semester break.. i thought he wasnt back home.. he said he had something to do in his college.. maybe being forced back home since he failed a paper, if not.. he already graduated.. hahaha.. silly! the next day, after my mom’s school.. she drive me back to my grandma’s.. my bus was on 10pm. at 10.40pm… the bus reached. then i happily heading back here.. hehe.. missed my computer a lot.. haha.. so.. am i already cooled off? i dont think so.. maybe a lil.. hehe

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