shrek 2 fever

it was 12.50pm.. after a short thinking-time-to-decide, i decided to watch shrek2 today with my friend @ midvalley. with my cousin, ajat we ride our bikes to the places.. damn.. it was heavy rain.. we stucked in a tunnel, but then later on we decided to continue.. reach kl sentral at 2pm. we were soaking wet, n find toilet try to dry ourselves.. guess wut, mr. bean scene in the toilet.. i do realized that tv does a lot in influence to our daily life.. hahah.. later then, we met our dates.. have lunch together n separated heading to each others’ next destination.. i was in mid valley n my cousin went to klcc. huh.. in midvalley gsc, there was so many people try to get tickets.. everybody wants to watch shrek2.. i was stunned when i found out the crowds… so then.. we decided not to watch movie today.. hehe.. been soaking wet… anyway.. its ok… the movie thing is just no. 2.. hehe.. there’s other important things..hehe.. u know wut i mean. bla bla bla yada yada yada.. it’s 7pm… im on night shift tonite… hurried settle everything needed.. then headed straight to the office.. rite now.. hehe. huh… then i realized… i hurt my knee again….

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