got myself a new ATI RADEON 9200 128mb

about 3 days ago, my fren Lan, bought this card for his computer… unluckily, his motherboard did not support it.. he called on the phone ask for solution… failed dat.. he came to my house bringing his computer.. i tried the card into my computer and it works well… then i try put on my nvidia geforce4 440mx into his computer.. n it worked well too… so then he decided to switch the card with me… hehehe.. well after a tries… then we agree that i had to add up to him rm70.. which is real bargain to me.. hehe.. i got myself a new ati radeon card and an old s3 virge 325 … n he got my nvidia geforce4.. heheh.. my nvidia card is 64mb.. n his new ati is 128mb.. which is he cant get it up with his system.. so then… now im on ati radeon card which is better performance.. n i really do like.. once again i could uae multiple monitor. before.. i used to use multiple monitors too.. but the old card (not the nvidia) just dont support 1024 x 768 … hehehe well its great to use multiple monitors.. i give me bigger space for me to do things.. play games on this monitor.. chat on the other… etc etc.. do wut eve u want.. hahaha..

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