new job offer

last week, i got a phone call from time dot com, one of the biggest ISP in malaysia (nevermind the tmnet.. they just played the monopoly)… offered a job.broadband engineer… whoa!!! i was suprised.. i never thought i’ll be selected. during the interview in early april, i dont get better preparation to it.. since i was there just to try my luck.hehehe.. well lucky me. my current company just increase my salary effectively on june 1st.. hell damn!! my confirmation date was april 13th.. f*** them.. they want me to work 12hours daily n will be paid for a small amount of fixed allowance.. hell no!! am i look like a kilang worker aaa?? bodo aaa depa nih!! they want to cut the salary from technical dept… now, we are in technical dept have been demoralized.. see wut happen to them if all of we are gone.. hahaha… no one else could help them.. hire some else? please…go ahead.. train them.. but who’s gonna train them? hahahaha >:) soon i’ll be leaving this company where the ceo really bad wants to make money.. but he didnt want to spend money… stupid. if u wanna make money.. u have to spend the money!! idiot. once i get the offer letter from i’ll resign from this current title. it executive.. aaahh it’s been a week.. where the hell my offer letter? i couldnt wait anymore… here’s sucks!!

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