Seeing you at first on the other nite
Now i am up to hold you tight
the fear and joy surrounded my ears
unwanted feeling that can’t be spares

believe it or not that i am not mine
that i am already yours to find
i am inside, i am outside
for you for me for my own pride

I beg you to stay
To be with me if it’s that okay

I’ll be the one
I can’t deny
I’ll hang on that till the end of time

Dont want you go
Dont want you thrown
Dont want you walk away tomorrow

Keep it right and keep it real
Forever you’ll be my desire

no more pain, no more gain
my love for you is all in vein
don’t wanna care what others to say
hoping for us so that we pray

i’ll keep my promises till one day
i proved it to you that i’m okay
For all the time that i’m allright
You bring the shine and light my life

created by ramZuL

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