my own self

never uploaded pictures of me alone.. herewith attached are my photos for your kind consideration. haha macam tulis application letter!


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  • r@mzul  On January 23, 2009 at 10:01 PM

    whoaa! teruja! “me new sunglasses” – pretty lips! Wed 31-Jan-2007 21:53
    Posted by:f.r.i.d.a.y.

    pic yg pakai spek macam ostat-ostat plak… Mon 26-Feb-2007 16:38
    Posted by:ma

    ahlan wasahlan Mon 26-Feb-2007 19:11
    Posted by:ramZuL

    Apsal Dulu Kurus????? Mon 16-Apr-2007 06:11
    Posted by:ecah

    oii!!jgn lupe bwk kunci bilik time ko mandi…huahahahaha… Sat 5-May-2007 17:52
    Posted by:Zack

    wtf zack kangkang! Sun 6-May-2007 12:25
    Posted by:[r]

    ram buat super impose gambar Wed 1-Aug-2007 07:16
    Posted by:gerard

    sialan lu Lan cau gerrard konon. hahahaha Wed 1-Aug-2007 12:49
    Posted by:[r]

    gamba yg kangkang tu ade kat rumah..hehe Tue 18-Sep-2007 00:43
    Posted by:nana

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