Stupid malaysian who doesn’t know how(or where?) to park

This incident happened after me having lunch at Restoran Aliff Maju in Ara Damansara. I was reversing my car from the car park beside Aliff Maju, suddenly I hit a motorbike that was parked behind my car moments before. I do noticed there was nothing behind my car as i walked from the restaurant.

After i heard the cracking sound, I rushed out to see what happened. This ‘thing’ was the cause

Damn! how stupid could you be? To park a bike behind a car? You must be very stupid! And this fella over here,

to be the most stupid person ever to park there, even there’s other blank car park spaces available.Why this bloke being so stupid? I don’t know. Lowest IQ in the world! Yet, he didn’t want to admit his mistake and blamed me for not looked first before I reversed. Suddenly, came a dark green Perodua Kembara plate registration WQH 6284 and also blaming me for the same thing and also dare me to lodge police report. Hey fuck! he just park too near behind my car, how supposed I could saw it? Fucking idiot retard Man U fan. babi la…cibai!

went to the nearest police station, Kelana Jaya Police Station to lodge police report, but that pegawai there said, all traffic reports have to be made at IPD PJ (Petaling Jaya Police Traffic Department) which I have to drive thru the traffic jams all the way there. What with this nonsense? Said that the police system is already online nowadays, so why can’t I just lodge a report in Kelana Jaya?… the reason given by that pegawai, because now the police system is getting online(computerize), even I lodge a report in Kelana Jaya, I still have to go all the way to Petaling Jaya station to sign the report. What’s with this nonsense? Tell me and tell me a good reason why. This so called COMPUTERIZED system should make things even easier, but yet more complicated. I’m feeling that I’m still living in the 80s. For God sake, come on, improve la Polis DiRaja Malaysia. buat malu je! ficken dich!

p/s: for those who didn’t know, I am a LIVERPOOL fan. hahahaaha

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  • r4mzul  On January 23, 2009 at 3:15 PM

    man u fans mmg babi.muahaha Sun 2-Mar-2008 09:56
    Posted by:rahaiffi – [Link]

    but the Kelly Ng ever babi-er…… Sun 2-Mar-2008 13:16
    Posted by:ming

    bro… tak baik being racist k.yg salah is the individual, not the race Sun 2-Mar-2008 13:43
    Posted by:ramzul – [Link]

    Camaner ko bleh snap gambor budak negro tuh cenggitu? Siap posing plak tuh Mon 3-Mar-2008 03:54
    Posted by:GAMEOVER

    gua snap je terus depan2 dia…case ni kire let go lah. janji muka dia masuk internet. sume org tahu kebodohan dia & others who tak reti nak park elok2 Mon 3-Mar-2008 08:35
    Posted by:ramzul

    xpuas hati mamat india dlm pic tu..
    yg dia pi letak motor blakang kreta buat ape?
    tadak tmpt len ke dia nak letak.. Mon 3-Mar-2008 08:50
    Posted by:razman sadc

    polis mesia mmg mcm tu..
    polis mesia = idiot @$$holes.. haha Mon 3-Mar-2008 08:54
    Posted by:razman sadc

    keling mmg cakap belit2 nyer…
    Wed 5-Mar-2008 12:26
    Posted by:along

    Isk kome2 nih bw ngucap sket. Mmg ler dia slh tak yah la gunakan perkataan2 tak patut. Kome kena igt bangsa menunjukkan bangsa. Sabaq naaaa. Thu 6-Mar-2008 07:42
    Posted by:Yunie

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