let’s learn the photoshop brushes! :P

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  • r4mzul  On January 23, 2009 at 4:14 PM

    love is in the air….
    hehehe… Sun 20-Apr-2008 14:40
    Posted by:muni

    cat kite same warne!huhu Sun 20-Apr-2008 14:46
    Posted by:hanif azman – [Link]

    to muni – hakhakhak

    to hanif azman – kuceng utk dijual, sbb nak beli dslr. muahahaha! Sun 20-Apr-2008 15:34
    Posted by:ramzul

    wah! this girl berjaya curik your hati
    nak jual kecit? adik-beradik, kira bagi je la Tue 22-Apr-2008 02:34
    Posted by:along

    Gambar cute + aweq yg cute + cat yg cute + brush cute + editing cute + bole ajar aku edit
    Tue 22-Apr-2008 14:15
    Posted by:don donbatara@gmail.com – [Link]

    haha..demi DSLR camera..terpaksa la JUAL. hahahaha! i have to let u go Kecit! Tue 22-Apr-2008 14:47
    Posted by:ramzul

    kecit say, “huhuuhu…my tuan doesn’t love me anymore. he only thinking that dslr..huhu.. he didn’t appreciate me anymore…huhuhu” meowwwww..
    Thu 24-Apr-2008 08:22
    Posted by:along

    erk! sejak bile Kecit amik kelas inggeris waktu malam? paper BM kat SPM pon tak lepas2 lagi. muahahahaha! Thu 24-Apr-2008 10:36
    Posted by:ramzul

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