the undeserved win – chelSHIT

Chelsea vs Liverpool – 2nd leg semi-final Champions League 2007/08

what a heart-ache for me as a Liverpool fan, the mighty REDS, watched our team beaten by the cheats. Disgraceful. Scoring with offsides play. But, as a typical LIVERPOOL fan, I always stand behind my team. You guys will never walk alone!

we’ve been denied a clear penalty claim. Hyypia was obstructed by Drogba Kerbau. Nasty play by the team that so shitty.

i’m still waiting for the Kalou assist on chelshit 1st goal video clip. Kalou was offside, hence the official allowed it. fuck!

sorry for low quality images, that’s the best video source i could get for now. as you could see clearly, the linesman saw that Kalou was offside before Lampard make the pass. It was a very dubious decision for the linesman NOT to raise the flag for offside. what a biased, totally paid linesman he was! fuck you! There you go, two shitty teams in the UEFA’s Champions League final, i might say UEFA’s Losers Final. ficken!
chelSHIT vs Wankchester United.

Anyway anyhow, better luck next season, the mighty Reds. You’ll never walk alone. This year been a bit dissapointing with Agger’s injury. We’ll bounce back.

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