The future Mr. & Mrs. Red

Congratulation to Redza & Leen, for getting enggaged today. The enggagement ceremony was held in Sabah, Leen’s hometown. May GOD bless u guys, amin…

p/s: bile aku nak kawen daa… 😛 😛 😛

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  • r4mzul  On January 23, 2009 at 4:46 PM

    bile nak kawen? kitorang tunggu turn nih Mon 23-Jun-2008 00:40
    Posted by:along

    haha.. no comment! Tue 24-Jun-2008 00:37
    Posted by:ramzul

    harta benda da byk tuu…. tunggu apa lagik Tue 24-Jun-2008 01:27
    Posted by:along

    Owh!!they engaged?Congratulation. So, your’s next?tick tock.. the clock’s ticking.. Tue 24-Jun-2008 01:36
    Posted by:Cer

    time stop ticking but everything’s faster.. huhu Tue 24-Jun-2008 14:12
    Posted by:ramzul

    S.E.L.A.M.A.T P.E.N.G.A.N.T.I.N B.A.R.U.
    hehe… ko ckp nk kawen 08.08.08 kan… (wish in advance) Wed 6-Aug-2008 11:37
    Posted by:asha

    hahaha.. esok is 08.08.08. hahaha Thu 7-Aug-2008 00:07
    Posted by:ramzul

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