I’ve always been fascinated with them. numbers, not the maths. but numbers. the numbers that’s been around me, sometimes trying to tell me things or it may be just a coincidence or it may doesn’t mean anything.

let’s rewind a few years back when i was staying in Shah Alam. my first phone number that time, 03-5512 9818. do focus on the last 4 digits. please bear in mind that number i got from TM was totally a running number, i didn’t apply for that. so let’s take a look at my home address at that time No 9, Jalan Pamah 8/1D, Seksyen 8. Did u notice anything? I bet you do. Numbers in my address match exactly to the last 4 digits in my phone number. haha! yeah rite.. i only did realize this after few months later. it was totally a coincidence. luck eh?

i’m trying to remember few more cases relating my life to numbers.its been a lot, but only a few that i could remember tho. Haa.. now i remember one, I got my first job, when i was exactly 22 yrs old and 8 months, several months later… i broke up with my ex, exactly after our relationship aged 2 yrs old and 8 months. wierd eh? haa haa.. (i was fired from that job, guess that broke up things was a sign perhaps?? who knows!)

one more before i’m getting to the main course… apa aa? otak aku dah lupa dowh! demmit! maybe this one kut. after shah alam, i moved to pandan indah.. house number that time was BDB-12. i didn’t plan to pick the house in the first place, but me, Apek & E-mom that time together agreed to rent that house. i never pay attention on the house number yet. two years later, i moved to my current place which is in Ara Damn. guess what..my house number is E-4-12. another 12 in it!! i didn’t ask Redza to buy this particular house. hahaha.. so another lucky 12 to me then.. guess what. my birthday… is on 12th!!!! demmit. lots of twelves. went to my sister’s house, she recently moved there few months ago.. her house number is E-6-12. errrk!!! another 12? what the hell!!! hahaha
UPDATED – Just to find out that my uncle’s house no in Kota Kemuning is also the number 12. argghh! haha selama ni tak sedar pon [07-Sep-2008]

remark: due to HAKCIPTA TERPELIHARA sape2, so have to edit sket this picture. harap maklum ye visitors 😛 [ 05-Sept-2008 ]

a few days ago… i found something more fascinating coincidences. and now it is with human (haha!). she is my collegue at the office. recently know her, but the coincendes in numbers..quite amazed me. let’s see.. what’s the coincidences are…
1st.. her birthday, is Apr 18th (yeah i know, it isn’t 12th, ok!)… my mom’s birthday is on Apr 16th. While mine is on Jan 12th… and guess what? her dad’s is on Jan 10th! both mine n her dad’s birthdays & hers and my mom’s birthdays are 2 days different. haha.. wierd eh?let’s get some more wierder 😛 … My younger brother’s birthday is on Jan 4th, and she also got a brother with the same birthdate. Jan 4th!.. haha.. i’m going nuts! not so fast bro.. few more numbers to come.. i’m living on 4th floor, as so as she.4th floor also!(but not in the same area or building neither home eh 😛 )… the last thing that i just figure out today is.. about our mobile phone numbers. if all the digits in my phone numbers are added up together, the sum is 27. and so as hers! hahaha.. now i should go crazy already.. haha.. what’s with this numbers??? are they meant to be meaningful or what? she got the same birthday as my cousin’s. if she also got a cousin that has the same birthday with me, then u guys should come n visit me in mental wards. hahaha! 😀 😀 😀

p/s : Ni belom kira faveret musics & faveret order kat william lagi LOL LOL LOL

– 20081113 recently moved to new office in Wangsa Maju. My phone extension is 2017 meanwhile hers is 2071. it is getting wierder!

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  • r4mzul  On January 23, 2009 at 5:11 PM

    They’re a little like we people, each unique in some way, yet at the same time, sharing special days and numbers with others.
    hv fun wif ur numbers… Tue 29-Jul-2008 17:27
    Posted by:always here waiting – [Link]

    Numbers always fascinate me..but it’s fun to have all that numbers like yours..as you got the time to analyse it all..hehe!! neway, goodluck with the numbers in your life k.. Wed 30-Jul-2008 01:57
    Posted by:Cer

    Ler.. byk btul masa siap leh buat analisa nombor lagi, tak de kerja ke. Hahaha. Wed 30-Jul-2008 02:43
    Posted by:Yunie

    hahaha yg 4 digit tu pegi 4D test tgk…ngeh ngeh Wed 30-Jul-2008 03:15
    Posted by:metal

    maybe you watch too many episodes of numb3r.hahah
    Wed 30-Jul-2008 03:17
    Posted by:rahaiffi

    haha..sori beb. wa tak layan no 4 ekor. tuh easiest way nak jadik miskin. kwang kwang kwang! Wed 30-Jul-2008 03:19
    Posted by:ramzul

    pehni leh telek tarikh tunang u ngan tarikh kenduri nika.. (kene spesifikkan nikah dan kawen newh.. hihi) Wed 30-Jul-2008 03:40
    Posted by:cheeca – [Link]

    sama kes mcm aku jugak..
    bday aku 23/11, bday wife aku 24/7,
    bday mak aku 5/11, bday mak dia 6/7..
    everything is written sejak azali lg.. ahaha Wed 30-Jul-2008 05:38
    Posted by:razman

    [off topic] ceh macam forum
    Stakat nih en razman, ko orang ke-3 yg aku jumpe bday 23/11. Sorang, ex-man aku zaman muda2, n sorang lagi housemate aku budak sarawak.
    Jejak kasih ni ramzul! Wahaha. Wed 30-Jul-2008 05:58
    Posted by:girlfriday

    well azwin, i guess i have to go back to my kg and ask ma cousins whether anyone of them got the same burfday as urs..in dat way we can make a vacation trip beramai2 visiting u at mental wards. hahaha! Wed 30-Jul-2008 06:51
    Posted by:wan shafrina

    tambah lagi dua org yg bday 23/11 makcikjumaat
    sorang = kwn aku satu batch kat U dulu &
    sorang lg = seorang ahkak.. jiran sbelah rumah..
    ahaha Wed 30-Jul-2008 07:09
    Posted by:razman

    hahaha..org tgh bcinta cintun beromantika romantika mmg begituh!
    Cukup 1 pakej dia tulis.mak bapak adek beradik sume ada dlm carta..
    Ok la 2 bro..smoga “org 2” paham apa yg tersirat dlm lubuk ati ko..
    Chayoookkk…Aku Sida Gilak Shayang Bgt Ama Ramzul masyem.. Wed 30-Jul-2008 12:32
    Posted by:Shida

    if 24/12, aci join ke? Thu 31-Jul-2008 03:50
    Posted by:ma

    hmm 1hb 2 xleh join kerk? 1 n 2 gak.. Thu 31-Jul-2008 05:29
    Posted by:kiss me twice – [Link]

    ahahaha ramai le pulek… sile wat kelab 2311 la incik razman!
    oohh btw 24/12 = bday membe aku & bday adik angkat aku
    Hahaha this is endless.. Thu 31-Jul-2008 05:40
    Posted by:girlfriday

    besday i 12/1 cannot kira ah? Sat 2-Aug-2008 00:23
    Posted by:along

    haha.. sume nak berkait2 ni. haha.. btw, initial purpose post ni to highlight numbers coincidences between 2 person. hakhak.. skrg dah jadi jejak kasih makcikjumaat ngan encik razman. hahaha Sat 2-Aug-2008 12:16
    Posted by:ramzul

    wow….number power….power number…. Mon 4-Aug-2008 03:40
    Posted by:MS anjer69@live.com

    percaya nombor ke??? jgn lah…..kan nombor x kena, mati jee….rileks ar…..jgn kabut coz that numbers.. Mon 4-Aug-2008 03:47
    Posted by:mat

    did i mention anything bout believing in numbers? hakhak.. u just getting the wrong idea. this post is all about coincidences in numbers. that’s all. hakhak..
    p/s: kpd enche ms or mat, tukar name doesnt mean ur ip also changed. haha Mon 4-Aug-2008 08:20
    Posted by:ramzul – [Link]

    sapa ms & mat tu. sedeynya. sanggop tuka nama tu nak komen byk. btw, who is that person ramzul? do we know him?? Mon 4-Aug-2008 08:44
    Posted by:stupidevil stupidevil@yahoo.com

    ntah.. someone yg just passing by je kut…abaikan. tak penting pon. hakhak.. komen je byk2. takyah la nak tukar2 nama..hahaha Mon 4-Aug-2008 09:27
    Posted by:ramzul – [Link]

    hluek hluek hluek.. (gelak sambil muntah) ada jugak orang yang still nak buat camtu ye. pathetic… Tue 5-Aug-2008 04:31
    Posted by:stupidevil stupidevil@yahoo.com

    hakhakhak. no further comment ur honor. perhaps, mayb not all ppl paham my writings or mayb just being intimidated with the writings. ape2 hal it’s a free country rite? susah2 sgt, beli frame, sumbat gantung kat dinding buat perhiasan, lock the main door, pasang new padlock, kunci lagi then throw the keys into the Mindanao Deep, seals the whole house & bring down the only bridge to the island that the house resides in! hahaha! anyway it’s still free to comment however u guys wishes so. im totally open Tue 5-Aug-2008 06:58
    Posted by:ramzul


    aku komen versi terengganu+KL yer..

    psl nombor ni, kadang2 mase kapel tu kite sengaja cari persamaan..mcm baju same kaler n kalu bab no fon..kalu bleh nk same no tepun kan??

    so..kalu nk hubungkan nombor ngan jodoh ni.. mmg ade persamaan laa yang kite BUKAN sengaja samakan..ni aku ceritekan persamaan aku ngan wife aku skang..

    number yang interrelated:
    1. besday aku ngan bapak mertua aku exactly same….december 8th…
    2.besday mak aku ngan wife aku pada bulan Januari(date x same la)
    3. No plate kereta aku plak….692, n no umah wife aku 296
    4. no ic aku 801208…no penduduk rumah wife aku plak 1208.

    tu dari segi nombor…ade lagi yang same..
    5. pendidikan aku ngan wife aku same…Diploma>Bachelor degree>KPLI>then keje as cikgu.
    6.rupa pon mcm adik beradik….

    so..kalu ramzul duk angau n pk psl nombor..its actually berlaku kat sume org aku rase, cume ramzul ni too excited or suprised n want to share to others…tapi bagus laa..at least aku ade gak ruang nk komen..kekekke Tue 5-Aug-2008 15:31
    Posted by:suhairudin r – [Link]

    uish…mr lonely..fat momma..ade je mende die nk tmbah..makin gelabah kang die nnti =p Wed 6-Aug-2008 01:04
    Posted by:GreatOwner

    oh GreatOwner (perut kucing kaler pink is so unkewl), ape yg i tambah nye tade pon..hakhak Wed 6-Aug-2008 01:28
    Posted by:ramzul

    to ha..
    ok gak wat page n.u.m.b.e.r.s neh.. tetiba je otak duk pikir ada tak nombor2 yg bersamaan dgn diri kita. ye dok? Wed 6-Aug-2008 09:07
    Posted by:farahsr

    haha along, we already share the same bday. ape lagik? huhuhu. the first 8 digits in our ic pon surely same la.. haha Wed 6-Aug-2008 09:31
    Posted by:ramzul

    banyak2 komen ni sume excited2 je except satu komeng tu… wahahaha apakah maknanye ramzul??? kia kaha??? wahhahaha now kite tunggu ada tak kazen hotshaf yg sama burfday ngan ko Wed 6-Aug-2008 15:19
    Posted by:girlfriday

    si dia tu, bakal kakak ipar ke? hehe …. your besdey 12/1, kira2nya my besdey (24/12) is double your besdey laa Wed 6-Aug-2008 17:43
    Posted by:ramzun

    she’s already taken lar. haha Thu 7-Aug-2008 00:04
    Posted by:ramzul

    saja nak tambah list of comment..
    anyway joe, numbers are great..
    asalnya subjek yg aku plg minat since sekolah rendah smpai menengah ialah math.
    tp bila masuk U, terus tinggal math. tak minat lak..
    so then baru aku faham, bukan nombar yg aku minat, tp perkara yg logik, facts, praktikal as per numbers.
    anyway joe, gambate kudasai nee.. Thu 7-Aug-2008 02:00
    Posted by:cheq – [Link]

    yup cheq, i used to love maths also dari skolah…tapi sebab dah lama tinggal tobat la tak igt ape dah. but numbers, till now have some effects on me lar.hihi Thu 7-Aug-2008 04:19
    Posted by:ramzul

    wah! page numbers nih mmg mndapat sambutan yg PALING HANGAT skali bbanding page lain.
    ye loh bang, lupa oready kite share same birthdate.. hehe
    so, i’m in the group.. yiehaaa!! Thu 7-Aug-2008 04:23
    Posted by:farahsr

    yep.. 35 comments so far. what’s triggered this? dunno..is it everyone seems to be fascinated with numbers also or is it anything else? hewhew Thu 7-Aug-2008 04:32
    Posted by:ramzul

    hey….. i dpt tengok pic hantu kat pic u ni….baru i perasan time i meniarap depan laptop…..pandai…. terrer photoshop???mmg kena sengetkan jugak screen tu baru nampak imej kan…. Tue 26-Aug-2008 03:16
    Posted by:sharifah haslinda……

    erk… kebetulan je tuh kot Cik Sharifah.. maybe burnt image sbb monitor buruk i ni kot? (hahaha lawak bodoh) Fri 29-Aug-2008 14:29
    Posted by:ramzul

    semekom boss….guane gamok gambor awek ambe ada situ tu….x molek tu…booooo lah….ish…delete jelah… ambe x mboh kabo guane ambe buleh napok..bereh lah…salam…. Thu 4-Sep-2008 13:06
    Posted by:from TRG with smile….

    ws.. hurm. i dont think i’m doing anything wrong.. lagi pon watermark 2% visibilty je. bukan luok pong Thu 4-Sep-2008 14:24
    Posted by:ramzul

    gambo???… mane2.. bakpe ng gambo tu.. comel ke.. dok napok pong.. bakpe cam ade org jealous jeww.. Thu 4-Sep-2008 15:27
    Posted by:matpi

    Cun sangat ka awek dia nih? Thu 4-Sep-2008 15:32
    Posted by:Apex

    Joe…satgi hang paste awek dia terus kat fotopages nih….baru best..hahahahahha…!! Thu 4-Sep-2008 15:35
    Posted by:Apex

    to matpi

    gambor tuh ade..saje buat watermark.sbb post ni mmg sebab numbers and her. bukan big deal pong.

    to apek,

    everybody born beautiful what…
    Thu 4-Sep-2008 15:36
    Posted by:ramzul

    to apek,

    tak bley la camtuh pek, kang tak pasal2 aku kene saman plak.. lagi pon klu masuk court sure aku menang nye.. gambar tak cukup syarat. better, gantung dalam frame. mcm hang duk biasa buat dulu kat pandan. hahaha
    Thu 4-Sep-2008 15:39
    Posted by:ramzul

    amboi deme boh….. Fri 5-Sep-2008 00:34
    Posted by:ermm

    harap maklum. comments with nama aku tak kenal so aku tak layan sgt la. be berani. put ur own name! Fri 5-Sep-2008 02:01
    Posted by:ramzul

    gitewww.. tanak letak nama… (cam aku jugak) tapi aku takde la nak provoke ke apa ke. im just a casual visitor. eiii.. come on laa.. have some guts…. geram pulak aku ngan orang yang KONON nya nak pertahankan someone tapi act like a coward…!!!! huahauha.. apasal aku emo pon taktau… Fri 5-Sep-2008 02:16
    Posted by:its me again

    is it u stupidevil? weh jgn ler emo emo di kala bulan puasa yg mulia ni.. rileks suda baaah. huhu.. Fri 5-Sep-2008 02:20
    Posted by:ramzul

    haiyooohhh… yu ah ramzul. wai yu kip on sabotajing mi. don tell mai nem la. kenot laik dat…~ Fri 5-Sep-2008 02:41
    Posted by:its me again – stupidevil

    haha… it not like i’m revealing ur real name la Stupidevil. i’m not telling ur real name N**L**** tuh. hawhawhaw Fri 5-Sep-2008 03:19
    Posted by:ramzul

    macam terlebey * je. cuba kira balik. huakhuakhuak~ eh.. kita dah lari topik daaaa… Fri 5-Sep-2008 03:40
    Posted by:its me again – stupidevil

    saje aku lebehkan ler Stupidevil, susah sket klu klu ade org nak teka nama ko plak. hahaha Fri 5-Sep-2008 04:12
    Posted by:ramzul

    gambar kat link ni rilek je..takde org nak kecoh2. muahahaa

    http://ramzul.fotopages.com/?entry=1475288 Fri 5-Sep-2008 08:05
    Posted by:ramzul

    4 everybody’s att: awek tu xcun pun…ape yg ade pn ntahla..maybe ramzul je yg blind kut xreti amik gmbar awek2 ln yg lg cun utk dijadikan subject matter…. Sat 6-Sep-2008 16:48
    Posted by:ws

    well well well.. dah disebabkan post ni melibatkan that person, takkan la i nak letak gambar Elisha Cuthbert ke, Elisha Dushku ke, Mila Kunis ke..
    btw cik ws, toksah la duk merendah diri sgt. muahahahaha Sat 6-Sep-2008 20:37
    Posted by:ramzul

    lah tak cun ke?? buat penat je aku nak tgk. kalo tak cun, asal bf dia gelabah sangat?? bodo ke apa mamat tu.. takkan pasal letak gmbr pon rasa tak secure. such a loser!!!! Sun 7-Sep-2008 03:00
    Posted by:ko agak sapa?

    amboii…sedap sangat mulut tu….puasa tak????erm….sama naik je ni…..ish…amboi……bagus ke camtu??? erm… Sun 7-Sep-2008 03:53
    Posted by:MS

    har har har.. awat this post becoming lagi hotter di bulan pose ni. muahahaha…

    to ko agak sapa?(aku tau sapa)
    rilek.. rilekk… huhu

    to MS, apesal cakap sekat²? mcm takde point nak reply je Sun 7-Sep-2008 05:04
    Posted by:ramzul

    MS mana ada sekat2……point ada je, ke guane??? bereh ar… Sun 7-Sep-2008 05:17
    Posted by:unnamed

    typical malay replies, “sedap sgt mulut”, “puasa ke tak?”, “bagus ke mcm tuh” are not considered as points. it is more to Cik Kiah trying to deny all the gossips around her! yes! u r becoming a Cik Kiah Sun 7-Sep-2008 05:41
    Posted by:ramzul

    hohoho.. kehangatan topic ni mcm hot fm plok.. mcm badut circus pun ade MS ni.. pastu unamed tu leh jd raja lawok.. i think MS give da point same like unamed said but just give a loser point.. hahaha.. dat why leh panggil raja lawak.. Sun 7-Sep-2008 06:03
    Posted by:matpi

    hahahaha..udah la ramzul gambo awek dia tuh ko kasi jer tanda hitam kat mata supaya org tak kenal… lagi pun..mcm bodoh la gaduh pasal pompuan…kalau gaduh dapat main ok la gak.. Sun 7-Sep-2008 07:41
    Posted by:Apek

    chet Apek! kan aku dah kasik kaler itam kat mata ala² mcm news kat paper? hoho Sun 7-Sep-2008 09:23
    Posted by:ramzul

    wei MS.. aku tak cakap sedap mulut. aku taip ikot sedap jari aku. suka ati aku la nak taip apa pon. ko asal busy body sangat? Mon 8-Sep-2008 01:50
    Posted by:ko agak sapa?

    rilek ye sedara/i ‘ko agak sapa’. kewl man/girl.. kite ni sedara sesama Islam. kewl man. huhu bulan mulia ni..harharhar. tak elok kite bertengkar2 Mon 8-Sep-2008 13:26
    Posted by:ramzul

    i’m cool, i’m good. saja nak bakar MS.. kan dia mamat/minah gelabah. so benda2 camni akan menjadi kan beliau tak ubah seperti clown.. huahauhauha Tue 9-Sep-2008 10:35
    Posted by:ko agak sapa?

    wow… cool. rajin berpk. Fri 12-Sep-2008 08:29
    Posted by:mid miss_orange80@yahoo.com

    not berpikir la midd.. observations Sat 13-Sep-2008 16:34
    Posted by:ramzul

    hey botak, mana nya issue utk i??? janji cam nak rak, hampeh lah….x baik tipu bulan puasa ni…. Mon 22-Sep-2008 02:56
    Posted by:sharifah haslinda…

    ala cik Pah, rilek rilek.. tgh kering idea. mana leh paksa idea datang?? Mon 22-Sep-2008 18:19
    Posted by:ramzul

    erm….isu apa lak pasni…isu i bila ye?€??hihihihihi….selamat hari raya maaf zahir batin….. i nak tunggu isu i ni, bila ni???hihihihihi Sat 4-Oct-2008 05:05
    Posted by:sharifah haslinda…..

    isu u blom ade idea la cik pah. belom ade topik sesuai ler Sun 5-Oct-2008 10:44
    Posted by:ramzul

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