current pc/laptop setup: Ubuntu 8.04.1 Hardy Heron

it’s been a week since i used Ubuntu 8.04.1 & so far i found it quite interesting (Vista is so lame even after upgrading my laptop to 2GB didn’t improve the performance). with Ubuntu, u could experience really good things, such as the desktop effect by beryl. and yet, they run smoothly on my laptop compared to Vista previously. these Beryl/Compiz desktop effects look like Windows Vista AERO functionality (but with better performance & better in all aspects:P) really makes me quite glued to it. yeah! i smoke less cigarette nowadays due to ubuntu (liar!)LOL

on the right picture, the effect of cube desktop + rotate cube really ‘WTF’ing me at first. how could ubuntu be so damn nice? y windows is so damn memory hogging and all? (i still keep my Vista, just in case :P)

so if u guys out there, wanna try Ubuntu. please do so.. it’s really freaking nice.the tutorials are easily found on their forum.till date, i’ve managed UBUNTUing few others ppl. haha.. dun worry to try it. If u guys just wanna install just for the sake of trying, just install Wubi (ubuntu installed inside windows & could be uninstall anytime). And yet, u still could have both windows & ubuntu at the same. Just pick the OS when u boot ur computer. Have fun!

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  • r4mzul  On January 23, 2009 at 5:23 PM

    Apek! bila ang nak install ubuntu. haha! Mon 8-Sep-2008 20:40
    Posted by:ramzul – [Link]

    buntu aku tgk ubuntu… huhu Mon 1-Dec-2008 08:09
    Posted by:i-faisalsaila

    aku tau la ko punya lagi ORI beb! hahahaha Mon 1-Dec-2008 13:03
    Posted by:ramzul

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