the argument: STUPID inconsiderate Malaysian drivers

Typical after work rush-hour really have effects on most drivers. as for me, the traffic jam is one thing, but for the inconsiderate drivers is another thing. Typical MALAYSIAN drivers; would be cutting queues, unnecessary changing lanes while in traffic jams, not using their signal while changing lanes, driving too damn slow on fast lane, etc etc.. (the list is so damn f*****g long).

so, as i drove back from work to meet my friend (she asked for my help on something), these typical inconsiderate Malaysian drivers were really pissing me off. i’ve decided, i will shoot videos of them and put it on YouTube. i guess this is it. i had enough. something has to be done. police fining them is not enough (or is it police not working so damn hard to prevent these drivers to do so..i dunno).

as i picked her up, i mentioned to her about the idea of shooting & posting videos of these inconsiderate Malaysian drivers. Well, her reaction towards my idea turned into a quite big argument. she said that i have NO RIGHTS to post their videos on youtube. hmm… let me ask u guys one big thing. IS THEIR DAMN RIGHT to worsen the traffic jam & steal my time? i guess it is MY RIGHT to prevent others stealing what’s mine. They are not just being inconsiderate, but they are being totally wankers too! what’s wrong with me showing the proves that these drivers just worsening the traffic jams (it’s not like i’m shooting video of someone was peeing on the road side duh!). i’m just trying to get a better condition while driving. educating Malaysian drivers to be more considerate.

bla bla yada yada.. the situation between the both of us became tense. Suddenly she said “If u so dont like this & that about malaysia, kutuk this and all, so why dont u just get the hell out of it?

These lines coming out from her really pissed me off. I never said that i don’t like Malaysia. hey! it’s my country..i’m proud of it. but my argument was all about inconsiderate Malaysian drivers! i was not in the mood then send her back. that’s it. I’m going to post videos of typical idiotic Malaysian drivers on YouTube soon. wanna sue me? i’ll sue u back. like i damn care. hereby attached is a FUCK YOU to all stupid inconsiderate Malaysian drivers out there.Have a nice life & you’ll burn in hell!

-pictures were taken last year. more to come. WATCH OUT u stupid drivers.i’ll hunt u down!

P/S: googling around i found this blog. good one! 😀

Found a blog on , good one also!

Thursday, December 07, 2006
Respect the Malaysian drivers
Posted by: AlvernHo

Much has been said about us Malaysian drivers. Many perceive us as rude, bullies and totally inconsiderate. But I tend to disagree, I think we should be given a break for we deserve much respect if only you can see beyond the negative surface.

First and foremost, we deserve much respect due to their excellent financial planning ability. We all know how most of us are paid peanuts for our hard labour. But no matter how low our salary is, we can somehow afford a car. You will be amazed, some of us may be earning as low as RM1,300 a month, and yet we can still afford a car, albeit a Proton. If that is not excellent financial planning, then what?

We Malaysian drivers also possess a strong sense of patriotism. High fuel cost? Increase in toll? Not a problem at all. We truly understand the need of the nation to save costs in terms of subsidy and compensation to toll concessionaires so that money can be spent to construct a new palace and a sports complex in London. Do we need to be concerned that we need to battle inflation with our puny income? Of course not! After all, we have excellent financial planning and it is all about how patriotic we are.

Who said we Malaysian drivers are stubborn? We are certainly a flexible bunch, just look at the way we refuse to be bound by the rigidity of law. Whether the light is green, yellow or red, we can and will step on it. Whether it is double line or dotted line, we can always switch lanes. Just because it is known as the emergency lane does not mean we should only use it during our emergency. After all, we paid our road tax and it covers the emergency lanes too. Our flexibility and ability to think outside the box in order to be the first at a junction or cross-road deserves much admiration.

So what if our flexibility fails us, and we somehow got pulled over by the police? Fear not, we are a resourceful bunch. With our impeccable negotiation skills, somehow, we will be able to get out of it without a summon most of the time. Of course, there may or may not be a slight cost to it. But having performed a quick cost vs benefit analysis, it is always better to opt for immediate cash settlement as it always come with a discount. Again, good financial planning can be seen here.

Who said we Malaysian drivers are selfish? We are actually quite kind and warm towards each other. Just look at the way we try our very best to squeeze into the yellow box, all goes to show that we want to be closely knitted to each other. We will try to be as close to the car in front of us so that the car behind can also make it into the yellow box, a true demonstration of selflessness. I mean, we also do not want to be seen as aloof and distant from each other, right? This is why no matter what speed we are travelling, we always tail each other closely.

Courage is also a very significant characteristic of a Malaysian driver. People always say the roads are not safe, and that is so true! Just look at the amount of ‘land-mines’ present on our roads which appear in the form of pot-holes. Try running through it at high speed, and you will realise that the sound effect mirrors that of a minor explosion. Besides such ‘land-mines’, there is also the presence of ‘dark-beings’ on the road, in the form of Mat Rempits. If one has a weak heart, one may not be able to take it when 20-30 of such dark-beings riding next to you. Worst, sometimes, they may even be heading towards you from the opposite direction. Indeed, we Malaysian drivers are a courageous bunch.

Last but not least, we Malaysian drivers are probably the most patient people in the world. Just look at the way we brace through the jam. Day in day out, we continuously spend at an average of 1-2 hours in the jam, testing our patience to our limit. Do we take the public transport as an alternative? Of course not! We must always put our patience to the test. So what if we waste hours on the road and reach home late. “Biar lambat, asalkan selamat”, did we not learn this during our primary school days?

So there you have it. The true nature of us Malaysian drivers. Look beyond us, and you shall see how much effort we put in to bring the best out of us. If only people will understand us, then we will never be stereotyped as rude, bullies and inconsiderate.


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  • r4mzul  On January 23, 2009 at 5:36 PM

    HUREYYYY aku sokongg ko!!! dont post only photos of stupid drivers, but anything related to stupidity done by malaysians.
    camera aku rosak..tapi bila kamera aku ok nanti aku akan bg photos kt ko jugak..ehehhee
    Wed 20-Aug-2008 02:36
    Posted by:mkcen

    hahaha..bley bley din. sile sile pass kat aku. tak pon u could post it on ur blog.huhu Wed 20-Aug-2008 02:51
    Posted by:ramzul

    maybe u watch too many episode of Top Gear..muahahha Wed 20-Aug-2008 02:56
    Posted by:rahaiffi

    Way to go Ramzul. Those drivers make me cursed every morning (which is not a good way to start your day). Tell me about changing lanes with no signal. There are drivers who didnt really know where they are going (I just assume they are clueless) then suddenly they realised they have to go to the left junction. These ‘Fast & Furious’ drivers make a quick turn from the very right lane to the left junction. They sometimes give this ‘I dont give a damn cause I’m a guy’ look. I’m a woman alright & I can drive as fast as you. But I’m not being such an a****** like you. This kind of Malaysian drivers are a total inconsiderate b******s. Bersopan Santun amalan kita? I say Malaysian drivers cause I’m not driving outside of Malaysia. You are not alone Ramzul. My friend says the same thing when I’m complaining about how ppl drive in M’sia. I cant complained about Bruneian drivers cause while i’m driving there, i did not find this kind of problem. so now, is it making me a converted Bruneian? Do whatever you will, ramzul. At least some ppl will open up their eyes & realised they can make a difference (unless they are totally trying hard to be such an ignorant a******). Wed 20-Aug-2008 03:42
    Posted by:Cer

    haha.. bloody Jeremy Clarkson really had effects on me then.haha

    Cer, agreed with you. Even my frens went driving in Singapore they didn’t face these kind of attitude. ONLY in MALAYSIA. damn pricks! Wed 20-Aug-2008 04:31
    Posted by:ramzul

    i sokong u.. post je sume…. ndak ndak kete kecik cam i… sesedap rase je sume nak buli ehhhh… santaw kang… Thu 21-Aug-2008 03:52
    Posted by:cheeca – [Link]

    baru je nak start shooting videos, asyik ujan je skrg. klu amik pon tak clear..i klu nak amik, klu boleh bagi clear sume.plate number, car type, klu boleh nak bagi nampak those drivers nye faces. biar terpampang. hahaha Thu 21-Aug-2008 04:23
    Posted by:ramzul

    slalu jugak tgh bwk kreta..
    kreta sbelah main masuk je lane without bg signal..
    selambe mak bapak dia je..
    kalu jauh sebatu nak masuk xbagi signal taperla..
    ni dekat2 pun xbagi signal..
    bukan main rapat pulak tu..
    xskolah ke ape dorang ni?
    saje cari pasal ke?
    atau memang dorang ni kategori org yg bodoh secara semulajadi..
    tatau mane satu signal button..ahaha

    lagi satu lori..
    dahla bawak laju..
    bawak dekat2 pulak tu..
    apehal cucuk2?
    mentang2 besar..sukati tok nenek dia nak cucuk2 org lain?
    macam nak suh kita ketepi..
    macam jalan raya tu dorang punye..
    kalu langgar pun taper sbb rosak sket je nnt..
    keta lain lantakla..bukan kenal pun..
    jual ikan betulla..(selfish)
    xde sifat tolak ansur better duk dalam gua je..ahaha
    Thu 21-Aug-2008 08:43
    Posted by:razman

    haha.. maybe they were born stupid, or maybe their heads got terhentak on the hospital floor masa labor hour, or maybe one of their brain wires got putus already, or maybe they are just DUMB!

    but one thing that i do keep while driving, if i wanna stay slow, i stay on leftest lane. speeding doesn’t kills, but stupidity does. cheers! Thu 21-Aug-2008 10:05
    Posted by:ramzul

    ye…ye… agree.
    sbb tu takut nak drive area kl nih..(alasan ) .pemandu kete kebanyakkannya takde sivik.
    kira nak cepat dia je. sukati potong line org. potong kete dia kang..

    *bang, balik raya brapa hb? nak standby cuti..
    Thu 21-Aug-2008 23:48
    Posted by:farahsr

    betol betol… mari lah kita sama2 stay kat lane kiri kalau nak selow, jgn bg org lain sakit ati.klu ade kete yg selow kat lane kanan/fast lane, jom kite horn kuat2 & maki diorang tanya skrg skolah tadika kat mana. muahahaha…

    *along, klu balik mlm raya amacam?baru le syiok.huhu..boleh standby cuti lebih belah raya (more mkn time) hahaha Fri 22-Aug-2008 03:30
    Posted by:ramzul

    gulp! mlm raya? mungkin selasa mlm la kan? tapi sian mak sorang2 wat keje…huhu Fri 22-Aug-2008 06:28
    Posted by:farahsr

    okeh set. one day b4 raya..cuti blom apply lagi pong! Fri 22-Aug-2008 06:54
    Posted by:ramzul

    nak itoTTTT…..
    *by d way… was a really great evening!!!… thnaks yaa…* Sat 23-Aug-2008 13:53
    Posted by:cik zuya – [Link]

    nak ikot?? jom jom raye kat TRG

    * me too Sat 23-Aug-2008 14:32
    Posted by:ramzul

    malaysia’s mcmc blocking blogs? erkk.. go fuck urself & die! fuckers! Sat 30-Aug-2008 15:17
    Posted by:ramzul

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