The MANCs have been WANKED! hahaha

Me & my collegue, Harith (another so called Man U fan LOL ) meet up at NZ for berbuka puasa and EPL Liverpool vs Manchester United game. The tables were full, but soon after, we managed to grab one near the projector screen. But the mamak NZ was 5 minutes late to turn on the live telecast on the big screen. Guest what? The Reds were tailing behind 0-1 in the first 5 minutes. DAMN! what a shocking score line for me. As a typical Liverpool fan though, I would never, ever give up so much early.. Thanx to Wes Brown own goal LOL LOL LOL in 26th minute, gave the Reds the equalizer. Huge roar by the Liverpool fans.. me too was cheering my heart out! what a relief! The first half ended with a 1-1 draw.

During the 2nd half, Reds’ skipper, Abang Steven Gerrard (hewhew) & Ryan Babel was brought in. Ryan the sub scored a beautiful winning goal on the 77th minutes thanx to Kuyt’s passing after Mascherano managed to beat 2 Man U defender at the end line. Again.. a huge ROAR from the Liverpool fans! I was laughing my ass off to Harith. He was speechless! LOL LOL LOL

The game ended with the brave Reds won against their biggest rival 2-1. I was cheering & singing “You’ll Never Walk Alone” since! hahaha…

Texted to several known Man U fans in my phonebook,
“Muahahaha! Air mata yang berderai… Haha”

Replies from them,
“Tu diaaa… Nampak sgt kemaruk nak menang.dah betahun2 xpernah menang kaaannn…”
“Shilakak…X berderai la, bukan champ pun”
“X nangs pun…:-P”
“Ala man u bg 1 gol percuma.Main 10 org plak tu. Tnggu main kat tmpt man u plak nanti tau la”
“Ko bina mahligai dari airmata… Lestari”
“Hahahahaha.. Bg mata ms bln ramadhan. Byk pahala tu. Hahahaha”
“Aku bkn m.u ar..aku dynamo zagreb..aku x lyn epl..epl main duit..tuik!”

These replies were from known Man U self claimed supporters. The last one quite silly tho..she didn’t realized her team just lost to the Reds! hahaha… And the other guy claimed to support Dynamo Zagreb plak dah.. hahaha… Yet the other guy claimed Liverpool win just because his team were playing with only 10 men. Hello??? Vidick was rewarded 2nd yellow card on the 90th minute!

I am enjoying this moment! lalllalalalaaa…..

p/s: the picture was taken soon after I reached home, since Harith refused to snap me while cheering for the Reds (haha.. this is just a speculation) 😛

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  • r4mzul  On January 23, 2009 at 7:51 PM

    ala.. saje bg chance je tu.. dah lame sgt nak menng tp tak menng2.. bg la sekali.. takpe2.. tp ade pepatah dr dunia penah berkata.. “man u awal kalah dl tp last2 juara jgk”.. hahaha.. tp pepatah dunia jgk berkata ” liverpool awal bersorak tp last2 berderai air mata”.. hahaha.. .. LIVERPOOL TEAM GELABAH AWAL.. hahahaha Sun 14-Sep-2008 08:50
    Posted by:matpi

    haa satu lg.. sape yg bg reply mesej “heh.. nape?” sila tampil berikan hujah.. hahaha Sun 14-Sep-2008 08:53
    Posted by:matpi

    haa satu lg.. sape yg bg reply mesej “heh.. nape?” sila tampil berikan hujah.. fan man u biase la, cool je.. ade ape ke?? hahaha Sun 14-Sep-2008 08:55
    Posted by:matpi

    saye memang sangat tak paham bolasepak.. Sun 14-Sep-2008 10:32
    Posted by:cheeca – [Link]

    man u menang? ur dreams lah.

    to cik cha, bolasepak is a game where 11 brave reds against 11 idiots in white jersey (man u away jersey). hahaha Sun 14-Sep-2008 12:44
    Posted by:ramzul

    it is not like Man U fans are cool (kewl la kunun huh!), but actually they just dont have the guts to show up due to their club’s losing to their bitter rival. only few Man U fans that I know would stay for their club but most of the others just there when their team on top. such a lame way to claim urself as a freaking fan. JUST FORGET UR TEAM already. Man U doesnt need fans like you! hahaha Mon 15-Sep-2008 00:46
    Posted by:ramzul

    Seronok kan menang? Mesti rasa best sesangat kan? Camtu la yg kitorang rasa sejak tahun 2004
    Korang menang bukan sebab korang main best. Korang menang sebab kitorang main cam syial plak arituh Mon 15-Sep-2008 01:23
    Posted by:GAMEOVER

    haha.. ‘GAMEOVER’ only the 2nd true Man U fans managed to come out from hiding to stand by his club. haha..most of Man U fans still hiding their shame face. haha!

    Kitorang main best la.. ko tak tgk camne possesion % statistic. Riera the new left flank out run ur defender most of the time & tricked ur defender with his superb skills. what a debut. Mascherano’s beat 2 of ur defender at the very end line, contribute to our winning goal. hahaha.. we’ve not well? la.. not well la… (biasa la team kalah tamau terima kenyataan haha) Mon 15-Sep-2008 01:45
    Posted by:ramzul

    haha.. MU fans cool je.. Start from 92/93 season, MU mmg start slow, too early to discuss about it.. liverpool same like season b4, lead for early season then drop till fourth place.. hahaha.. Points gained by United from first 5 games :-
    1992-93* 7 point
    1993-94* 13point
    1994-95 10point
    1995-96* 12point
    1996-97* 9point
    1997-98 12point
    1998-99* 8point
    1999-2000* 13point
    2000-01* 11point
    2001-02 8point
    2002-03* 8point
    2003-04 12point
    2004-05 6point
    2005-06 11point
    2006-07* 12point
    2007-08* 8point
    now, br three match dpt 4 point ok laa.. coooolllll!!!
    Mon 15-Sep-2008 15:19
    Posted by:matpi

    haha… so then talk when u guys back on top la.selama tuh sile la hide ur faces somewhere else. muahahahaha!!! Mon 15-Sep-2008 16:50
    Posted by:ramzul

    wah? semangat ko ramzul.. Tue 16-Sep-2008 01:33
    Posted by:nYUn

    Nak hide face watper. Aper la sangat kantoi ngan Liverpool. Lagik perit kalah ngan West Ham. Tue 16-Sep-2008 01:37
    Posted by:GAMEOVER

    kalah ngan city twice lagi la lame. hahahaha Tue 16-Sep-2008 15:50
    Posted by:ramzul

    erk… pic tu snap sendiri ke? nganga mulut tu kan masuk lalat plak… hehe Tue 16-Sep-2008 23:33
    Posted by:ramzun

    apa guna timer kat camera. haha Wed 17-Sep-2008 08:31
    Posted by:ramzul

    Syok awal2 je mamat ni!!!!!!!!! nanti ujung season senyap. Wed 17-Sep-2008 13:55
    Posted by:CaCaMarBa FC

    Ok Lan (cacamarba fc), we’ll see sape yg senyap hujung season nanti. hahaha. Anyway get ready to be gelakked after tonite’s Man U vs Villareal game. hahaha Wed 17-Sep-2008 19:08
    Posted by:ramzul

    HAHAHAHA! Man U seri again at home! what a wanker! piece of shit! muahahahaha! Wed 17-Sep-2008 21:42
    Posted by:ramzul

    well well well raMOK ramDOH ramDUT..chill ok..b cool..u r a way too emotional abt ur damn soccer team..n one more thing since i never claim maself as a MU freaking fan n i dun bother much to show up due to my club’s losing to da so-called MU bitter rival to give my hujah2 even u r directly revealed my msg

    to i show up.n it’s gud to noe dat u r one of the MU back up supporter in this forum.
    n i purposely appear as a last fan standing… Fri 19-Sep-2008 06:48
    Posted by:GreatOwner

    hurm GreatOwner (pink colored perut is not so kewl heh!), what’s wrong being so passionate about ur so-called team? it just when everytime the Manure team won, said the team played well la, good refereeing la (even the ref was totally biased), BUT when u guys lose a game, suddenly most of u guys dissapeared! gone with the wind! and that makes me sick! only few would stand such as Mat Pi and GAMEOVER. Kudos to them… as for the FAKE Man U fans, better tak yah jadik fans je. kesian kat Man U, sbb most of u guys know nothing bout ur team. Biar je fans like Mat Pi, GAMEOVER & Cacamarba FC jadik fans. korang jadik milo boy/girl ke.. tukang kutip bola ke.. better! hahaha! Fri 19-Sep-2008 07:29
    Posted by:ramzul

    aloohhh sampai masuk fotopage Liv menag dgn Man Utd… nape bro.. susah sgt kot nak menang dgn Man Utd… hehehhe tu yg sekali menang rai mcm dah champ.. hahaha Fri 19-Sep-2008 07:57
    Posted by:tempey

    hurm..siap masuk fotopages? dah nama my fotopages, last time i check, sukati aku la nak post ape kan? hmm lagi satu… as for now, Liverpool beat Man U. so..until u guys could beat us, till then I will enjoy the moments la.. mcm Italy la..dah menang world cup, diorang nak brag for 4 years, takde masalah. sbb they won. same goes to this case, LIVERPOOL menang.. till u beat us again, then u still a loser to Liverpool Fri 19-Sep-2008 08:22
    Posted by:ramzul

    Ala kes bdk 2 merapu2 kt fotopages kau..dia xdak otak ka? page org sukati org la nk letak papa pun..pasai apa cam xpueh aty..sah sah la Man U fren bangsat!!


    LIVVEEERRPPPOOOLLLL Champ!!! Fri 19-Sep-2008 20:24
    Posted by:ChaCha..

    ‘Masih terlalu awal untuk buat ramalan’

    Gerrard tak mahu teman di Liverpool terbawa-bawa dengan impian palsu

    LIVERPOOL: Steven Gerrard menghapus cakap-cakap mengenai Liverpool menamatkan penantian gelaran Liga Perdana Inggeris (EPL) musim ini selepas menegaskan kemenangan 2-1 ke atas Manchester United hanya langkah mula terhadap sesuatu yang lebih besar dan baik di Anfield.

    Liverpool kekal kelab Inggeris paling berjaya, biarpun gagal memenangi gelaran liga sejak 1990, dan pertemuan hari ini menentang muka baru, Stoke City memberikan anak buah Rafael Benitez peluang untuk kembali ke tangga teratas sebelum pertemuan United-Chelsea, keesokan harinya.

    Tetapi Gerrard yang sudah menyaksikan beberapa impian palsu sepanjang tempohnya di Anfield mengakui Liverpool tidak boleh berpuas hati selepas kejayaan penting ke atas juara Liga Juara-juara Eropah itu.

    “Memang mudah untuk terbawa-bawa dengannya, tetapi terlalu awal untuk membuat sebarang ramalan. Saya sudah lakukannya sebelum ini, di mana saya katakan kami ada peluang tetapi ia kemudian tidak jadi kenyataan.

    “Saya rasa kami bersedia untuk lebih hampir tahun ini tetapi itu sahaja yang mahu saya katakan ketika ini. Saya tidak mahu naikkan harapan sesiapapun pada hanya bulan kedua musim ini.

    “Perancangannya ialah untuk masih memiliki peluang ketika perlawanan berbaki lima atau 10 aksi lagi. Kami perlu mencabar, tetapi saya rasa skuad kali ini lebih kuat berbanding tahun lalu.”

    Liverpool, yang memulakan kempen Liga Juara-juara dengan kemenangan 2-1 di Marseille, Selasa lalu, menundukkan United tanpa Gerrard dan Fernando Torres yang bermula di bangku simpanan ekoran kecederaan.

    Dan Gerrard mendakwa kemampuan Liverpool menundukkan United tanpa dua bintang utama mereka jadi bukti kekuatan skuad Benitez kali ini. – AFP Sat 20-Sep-2008 09:44
    Posted by:GAMEOVER

    Dengar la cakap kapten korang tuh. Jangan seronok sangat.

    Dia dah serik dah. Awal² jer pawer, pastu telorpilesss… Sat 20-Sep-2008 09:46
    Posted by:GAMEOVER

    tuh namanye reverse gear psychology. hang lupa ke paper pengantar sains sosial AN1022 kat uum dulu, GAMEOVER? muahahaha!

    P/s: until Man U beat Liverpool, Man U is still loser to the mighty Reds. hahaha…! (bace & fahami the post title betul², it is about the Reds beating Man U. not saying anything about winning the league… YET) Sat 20-Sep-2008 15:04
    Posted by:ramzul

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