black white red

lines from a song of MUSE, track 06 of the album Absolution. 2003.

wordings from MUSE. track 05. Absolution. 2003.

– editing idea from mason, lyrics agreed by mort
also from MUSE. track 02. Showbiz. 1999.

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  • r4mzul  On January 23, 2009 at 8:01 PM

    nape aku rasa, ada entry yg dah kena delete?.knapakah? Thu 13-Nov-2008 04:45
    Posted by:mkcen

    deleted entry? tade lah… Thu 13-Nov-2008 04:55
    Posted by:ramzul

    mane royalti saye Fri 14-Nov-2008 02:30
    Posted by:cheeca – [Link]

    royalti dalam bentuk tiket wayang madagascar 2, bley? Fri 14-Nov-2008 02:57
    Posted by:ramZuL

    hukhuk.. kena byr royalti tu inchik ramzul… ~ Fri 14-Nov-2008 04:14
    Posted by:stupidevil

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