the Mancs have been WANKED, again…

total humiliation for the Red Devils.. earlier this season were beaten in Anfield and now embarrased at their home ground by losing 1-4 to the mighty Reds, Liverpool

I was back to my hometown for my sister’s wedding, yet I managed to find time to watch the game. Me & my cousins (Rahaiffi,another Liverpool fan & Azizi, the Red Devil fan) went to a warong in KUSZA area, the place a bit packed since it just stop raining.

The end line, Liverpool won 4-1 to Man United at Old Trafford. As usual, I texted bunch of Man U fans with this;

“Sorry sorry man united. as the red goes marching down! Gile malu kat tmpt sendiri.1-4 lak tuh.haha.. nah tisu!”

…only a few would return my text. They were humiliated. From about 30 man u fans that I’ve texted, only 6 of them replied.

X de hal u dah biasa kalah ngan team bawahan ni..rilek je..janji belasah org sana sini apa cup pun x der..kesian le..huhu
Xyah yang kitorang xperlu menang.tu yg main cam najis tuh.
Tonite is dark,but glory in the end.liv is just to complete the schedule..dont have to worry bout that,big win wit no cup,useless..heheheh
Xpe.. Mng xeffect ape2 pun kat league.. We still have game in hand,4 point lead & already win 2 cup this season.. What about liverpool? Win 2x againt mu only, today win big & already act like win the title padahal none.. Oh god.. Overall congrats.. we not cry but we only disappointed.. Haha
Shall we conceded the battle, but the war still not over. Hahahaha.Amik la ko menang makes me think, why does Man U fans never really understood the real argument is? they only know to respond with “we still on top of the league“, “glory glory man united“(they only know 4 words from their club song -> pathetic). let me rephrase these… “MAN U WAS BEATEN AT ANFIELD & HUMILIATED AT OLD TRAFFORD” We are not discussing who’s going to win the league or what, but Liverpool versus Man U.

Takde makna kalau menang title (as claimed by them), tapi kalah to your bitter rival! Tak pandang pon champ macam ni. Ada ke kalah 1-4 kat tempat sendiri. It’s like going to win the beauty pageant, but got panau n kuraps all over the dahi.


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  • rahaiffi  On March 17, 2009 at 11:58 PM

    kah kah kah kah kah kah….tepat sekali…kah kah kah kah

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