in your face, ASTRO

I smirked as I read the news on Business Times 2 days ago, Astro posts net loss of RM29m in fourth quarter. It reminds me of when I was going to terminate my Astro pay tv subscription a couple months back.

I realized that I rarely watch the tele unless for the football matches. I only care for Liverpool games, so only about 4-6 times a month I’d turn on the tv. So, at first I tried to nego with Astro that I should keep channels that I wanted only (the sports channel) and to get rid all of the other sampah channels BUT they insisted for me to subscribe for other unwanted channels also.

I told them (the operator), “Let me put it this way, if you guys insisted of having the full pieces of the cake..well I won’t give you any. Please terminate my ASTRO subscription”. The operator seems didn’t mind with my request, as if I am the only customer that wanted to terminate the subscription and they are such a MONOPOLY player for pay-tv here in Malaysia. Well..serves u right!

I wonder why they insisted for me to subscribe for the other unnecessary channels? You guys just make customers go away. Isn’t that customer is always right? AND I WANTED THE SPORTS CHANNELS ONLY! i don’t give a fuck for other stuff. Do you feel me? Fuck you ASTRO!

p/s: there are so many free online tv nowadays, or else I just go to mamak stall for the game. Selamat Bungkus Tikar

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