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today, marked the 7th year of a close friend left this world. Al-Fatihah to arwah Mohd Hafizul Amri.


in your face, ASTRO

I smirked as I read the news on Business Times 2 days ago, Astro posts net loss of RM29m in fourth quarter. It reminds me of Keep reading

stupid car stereo thief

what a series of bad luck happened to me. first Kecit gone, and now this..

it was 8.30am Friday morning, as I headed to my car for the office when I found out that it has been broken in. “DAMN!” the thief tried to steal my car stereo. But this lowly class stupid sonnofabitch only took the removable front control panel. without that panel, i couldn’t use the car stereo and with out my radio he couldn’t sell it. so why bother breaking in? bengong. menyusahkan hidup aku je. Keep reading…

found a lost cat

Last night, my housemates found a lost female cat. Her color is white, some grey on her foot & tail. She is wearing a red collar with a bell . She was found at the parking area downstairs near my home here in Danau Kota, looked weak & tired. Currently she’s at our home. If you are the owner or know this cat, please contact me.


25-02-2009 | Now I remember, when I was searching for Kecit when he went missing, a kid downstairs responded to my question by describing this particular cat. White cat with bell. So I guess, she’s already been lost for quite some times.

UPDATED | Kecit (my cat) gone missing [4th poster was taken off]

Me & housemates left home for Taman Negara for 2 days. I have to leave Kecit (my cat) at home. Left him plenty of food. Right after me & housemates reached home from Taman Negara on late Sunday night, we found out that he is missing.. yeah gone! I’ve ask around if someone might have seen him, but no one does. Earlier this afternoon i put around posters of missing cat with his photos & brief description of him. Later tonite I went out for dinner with my housemate, noticed that the poster that I put on the notice board at the Ground floor went missing. Suprised. Why the hell people would take it off? I bet the one that found Kecit may don’t want him to be found. If not, he/she would already called me. Help me fellas! I lost my cat, male, ginger (orange), weigh roughly around 5kilos, wore no collar when he went missing. He doesn’t eat anything else than his food. He will throw up if he eat anything else. My home is in Danau Kota. If you guys spotted him somewhere, please let me know. Thanx.
12-Feb-2009 9.00 AM | This morning is the 3rd time my missing cat poster on the block’s notice board was taken out. I’m guessing that someone that found Kecit responsible for it, where as the other posters were not taken off as well (if this was a vandalism case). Me and housemate to watch the notice board later this evening, will try to catch the one responsible for these. Haih! lama tak pukul orang. geram aku nih!!!
12-Feb-2009 7.00 PM | As I’m getting to put the 4th poster on the notice board, a school kid told me that he saw Kecit fighting with another cat on Monday on 12th floor (I lives on 5th). Me & housemate, Haidel went up to the said level seeking for him. Met 2 mokciks on the corridor, they mentioned that they heard cats meow every night at 2am for the past 2 days. They confirmed it is Kecit that they did saw earlier when I show them the photo. They’ll contact me again if Kecit spotted or heard again later. Thanks mokciks.
13-Feb-2009 2.30 AM | Went searching for Kecit on 12th floor (even there’s no phone calls from the mokciks) but couldn’t Kecit still couldn’t be found. Heard cat’s meowing in the distance, but couldn’t be located. Will try again soon..
13-Feb-2009 10.30 PM | That mokcik called, said that she found a yellow cat, but wore a collar. Went up to level 12, FALSE ALARM. As guessed it is not Kecit. That mokcik thought it is Kecit, but that cat only half as big as Kecit. And the color was yellow & white, while Kecit is completely ginger/orange.. hampa lagi
14-Feb-2009 2.00 PM | 4th poster just found out to be missing from the notice board, again.. damn!
16-Feb-2009 10.12 AM | it’s been 10 days that Kecit has gone missing, yet to hear any news bout him. So I guess, this is it..have to move on, find a new kitten to adopt. a white persian, perhaps?