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the tale of 01-12 and 12-01

we’ve made up our minds
hope everything goes well in planning and executions

the so called ‘sacred’ question

apex_***** (10/12/2009 12:34:23 PM): apex_*****: aku rasa la…
apex_*****: hang dok kat um
Mr Sharil: haah
apex_*****: takpa2…
Mr Sharil: kenduri poji pon aku outstation
apex_*****: aku kasi duit jer lah…
apex_*****: oooo..
Mr Sharil: tunggu kenduri ramzul tengok
Mr Sharil: tah bila nak kawen dia tuh
Mr Sharil: dia nak kawen taknak tuh?
apex_*****: hang tanya dia la…
apex_*****: jao aku paste benda yang taip nih kat dia..
Mr Sharil: kakaka
Mr Sharil is typing…
-heartagRAM- (10/12/2009 12:34:46 PM): cibai!

lately..such question emerges from all over directions. from family la.. friends la..and from anywhere. Why? Takde soklan yang lagi membina ke? Such as.. “bile ko nak migrate ke canada?” ke.. “agak2 bile ko nak angkat Peugeot 206 tuh?” ke… balik2 hal kawen. “kalau dah jodoh tak ke mana u..” (i’m quoting one of my friend saying). so.. please. let it be. stop asking such question. and I really hates repetition. have a nice life dudes!

the same old question: how to tell, is it too early or it is already too late?

when is the right time?

is it too early? or it’s already too late? the same old question that surely confuses me from time to time.

should I? or shouldn’t I?

I’m gonna lost this battle sooner or later…

ice blended “Air Jagung” or is it orange?

This year’s ramadhan, I’ve been berbuka puasa in a bit zuhud way (or is it in money saving mode? haha!). Not eating too much (expect for the breaking fast at Juju’s – here), today’s menu was this ice-blended air jagung, nasi kerabu & a bit apam balik, bought at Lembah Subang pasar ramadhan. Even with these i also get bloated as well. Duh! I think I might reduce it to only one meal per berbuka perhaps? So tired of having bloated stomach every single time after berbuka then get very sleepy during the office hours! which is for me, bulan puasa is a very unproductive month! haha.. been sleeping in the office every single afternoon. Nasib baik tak kantoi ngan boss gua. haha!

breaking fast at Juju’s

hahaha… my helpless self caught pengsan kekenyangan after a hefty berbuka puasa at Juju’s

for full report on this event, read at the link below (Juju’s blog)